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English Rose was created because of a desire and a demand. We would not be here without you, our readers who buy and love our books. So if you have anything to say, anything at all, please contact us.


Whether you have bought one of our books and have an enquiry about it, would like to know more about our future titles, have a suggestion for our website, or one of our future titles or have a request for a certain edition or format, we would be very happy to hear from you. We have many ideas, projects and titles planned and are always happy to get more ideas, suggestions and requests.


We are always on the look out for the next great book and we welcome new submissions from authors, illustrators, agents or other publishers. If you would be interested in having your proposed book, manuscript or children’s story published by us, please use the above email address. You do not need to send through the whole manuscript to begin with, but please give us an outline, projected completion date if it is not complete, and what additional work is required (for example proofreading, editing, illustrating, cover design). If we are interested we will then ask for a full synopsis and sample. If your work is unpolished, and requires proofreading or editing, if we decide that we would like to publish it, we can carry this out at no extra cost. If you are an illustrator looking to work on new children’s books, please send examples of your work. We are always looking for the next exciting title, so please contact us!

Book Production Services, Proofreading, Editing, Cover Design, Marketing, Self-Publishing

At English Rose Publishing we have professional, fully qualified and experienced staff who can provide all of your book production and marketing services. Please email us with your requirements. This can be anything from a short work, dissertation or story to a large manuscript. We offer self-publishing packages also, contact us for a quote.


We are able to reprint all kinds of out-of-print, rare, old or unavailable titles. If you know of a title which you would like to see back in print, or in a different format to what is currently available, let us know! You might have a favourite children’s book which you would like to be able to show your own children but which is now out-of-print, or you might have been trying to find a new copy of a classic novel but cannot get hold of one, or you might know of a title which is only available as a hardback, or in black and white which deserves the English Rose treatment, or perhaps you know of a popular book which is sadly now only available second-hand. English Rose can produce modern, quality editions of these books, and sell them worldwide. We would love to be able to bring back to life a treasured book.

Sales and Ordering

For help on any aspect of this website, including ordering and payment queries, please consult the Help page in the first instance. For all enquiries concerning orders placed on our website or if you have any problems, send us an email if you cannot find a solution there.

Also: For publicity enquiries or review requests, for bookshop/trade orders, for rights or permissions queries, for school/college enquiries and requests and for any other sales enquiries, please use the above email address.


We of course offer trade discounts. If you are interested in stocking any of our books in your shop please email us in the first instance, we can then look at your requirements and give you the best quote.

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